"It was wonderful to be in such a vast wilderness and to be so close to a host of exciting experiences, from the industry of a dung beetle to climbing a ladder to fix a fence and successfully repair a windmill. I loved every minute!"

"a great experience"

"[Your] 24hr care of us was 'out of this world'."

"The food you 'knocked-up' was amazing. It was delicious."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and we were extremely well looked after."

"I am sure all future eco-tourists will get as much out of the experience as I did."


What will I be doing?
You will be helping with practical jobs such as boundary fencing or maintaining water holes. There will be plenty of opportunities to observe and monitor Komsberg's special wildlife as part of the reserve's survey work and research - including one or more of our meerkat families. (If you have a particular interest in birds, mammals, plants, reptiles, or geology we will make good use of this specific enthusiasm.) The days will be long and rewarding, with the time to enjoy both the peacefulness and adventurousness of Komsberg. Basic training will be provided.

Do I need any relevant qualifications or experience?
No, it is enough to have an interest in nature and a willingness to help.

How long are these working conservation holidays?
10 days duration. You will be met from Cape Town International Airport mid-morning on the first day and returned mid-afternoon to fit in with most flights on the last day.

Do I need to be fit? Am I too old?
You do not need to be super fit. But you should enjoy walking and being outdoors, as well as being capable of light physical work. You should let us know if you have any health problems at the time of booking your place. People aged 18 to 75 years are welcome; (many of our guests have been in their 50s or 60s).

Night-time extras
On one or two nights, after the evening meal, you will be able to enjoy Komsberg after dark. A night safari drive will allow you to see nocturnal animals such as porcupine by spotlight - part of our regular monitoring work. You can also stand in awe under the bright stars of the Milky Way as you will never have seen them before. We are fortunately situated just a few miles from the South African National Observatory. Being at the edge of a high mountain plateau, well away from the light and industrial pollution of cities, Komsberg is amongst the very best places in the world for viewing the night sky. We hope that these after-dark activities will further enhance your appreciation of the natural world and the wider universe.

Where will I be living?
You will be staying on Komsberg in a historical farm house, built in 1817, recently refurbished to provide accommodation for our guests. Each person will have their own private bedroom. Meals will be cooked and eaten together; please note that all food will be vegetarian. Also please note that we have a strict no-smoking policy, both indoors and outdoors.

Who will I be working with?
You will be one of a maximum of four guests. You will be looked after by two friendly and experienced Wildlife For All staff. Numbers of people are purposely limited to enhance the unique wilderness experience that Komsberg can offer. (In national parks, for example, you will see hundreds of people.)

Do I need to take any special health precautions?
Fortunately, the usual essential precautions for travel in Africa are unnecessary. We are in a malaria-free area and our water supply is clean. However, we recommend you are covered for tetanus; please check with your doctor. You will need to bring plenty of sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Where will we meet?
We will rendevouz at Cape Town International Airport at a pre-arranged time. We have a modern Land Rover for dedicated use by guests.

What do I need to take with me?
A packing list of suggested items, including appropriate clothing, will be sent to you after booking. We strongly recommend binoculars to enhance your appreciation.

Zebra foa
Zebra foal
agaves on mountainside
Agaves on mountainside
guest room
Guest room
grey rhebok
Grey rhebok